I believe this is the most impressive water-color painting that I have done.due to the offensive reactions I've recieved from people who have been priveleged to view it. It had to be removed from my wall because my family member's couldn't stand it... and it has offended my girlfriends as well.. It is the most exiciting piece I've created because it's a mix of everything I like...blasphemy, cannibalism, murder and very dark humor. As I draw Americans lining up to feast on their dead god who has been violated with a "satanic pump" shoved up his anus; a diabolical machine created by Anton Lavey who here, is the master chef in this human slaughter buffet (all you can eat, hehe). His job is to serve the unwanted victims...Xians, muslims, buddhists Jews, who are all lined up. After he serves them with the ground meat, he shoots them. My job (pictured with the at extended overhead) and jeffrey dahmer's (next to me) is to pull them close to the meat grinder...chop them up as best we can and give the left-over body parts to albert fish (who in real life killed and ate a little girl) and to Satanist David Rockowitz who murdered, mutilated and ate his gf. Once they are in the meat grinder, they are transported through the pipes and fed back to the people as their last meal. All this is happening while jesus's decapitated head is sitting quietly on the trapezoid of doom. Eat jesus you fuckers!

King of the Slaves