Picture taken at Central University in Quito, Ecuador.
1998, blood-thirsty Jeffrey entered the U.S. Army in hopes of going to war one day to slaughter humans. He learned how to fire the M-16, M-50, rocket launcher, how to toss grenades, and shine boots. But he soon learned that the Army doesn't want individualists or soldiers as our forefathers were. They want impotent bureaucrats to push paperwork and obey useless and meaningless commands. I am not a team player. Jeffrey left disappointed because most of the soldiers dont have the mentality and spirit of a true warrior. He abandoned them in 2002.
Picture taken in Aberdeen Proving Grouds, Maryland
U.S. Army Training Center

Jeffrey was lucky enough to have a friend who was a medical student, this gave him the chance for many trips to the morgue. In 1997, when Jeffrey came back to Los Angeles after living in Ecuador for 10 years, customs held him at the airport for 4 hours questioning about his human bone collection he brought with him to the U.S. He finally convinced them they were fake and that he was a medical student and they let him pass. Although he did toss away the human finger he had in his pocket before they found it.